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Netith BPO

Thanks to our extensive experience in providing Business Process Outsourcing services, we are able to carry out management, control, compliance and completeness activities on the various documents guiding the most complex business processes. This takes place both using the Client's own systems and with the help of proprietary software solutions putting together the use of the most advanced IT solutions.
By offering such professional BPO services, we are able to provide to our clients undoubted benefits, by enabling companies to reduce costs, increase productivity, attract a skilled workforce and acquire innovative technologies without committing to significant, and often risky, investments.

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For Netith it is fundamental to lead the path of each individual resource along the training stage and the consolidation one into a fully-fledged company.

We take special care of training the individual, with a special focus on meeting quality KPIs.

  • 1Trainers

    Trained and expert tutors who will support you throughout the process of professional growth

  • 2Location

    Two classrooms dedicated to training, 1 Break area and 1 lecture theatre for conferences

  • 3Post Training

    Coaching with our specialists to absorb the basics preparing for the operational stage

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If you take care of your customers, they will open up for you opportunities that you could never find on your own